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Since I started my journey with photography in 2012, I have opened my eyes to the subtle poetry of the street. Unlike a painter, a photographer has to rely on what the world has to offer at a given moment when the camera is to hand. It’s one of the reasons, I fell in love with the idea of serendipity, for the potential to create magic. Though I am still developing my own consistent style, I am a colour photographer, I only see in colour, despite my nostalgic sensibilities, I adore the hues of tropical light. Who I am as a person influences my photography, an eternal optimist, inclined to a rose tinted vision.
I am passionate about photography not just as a contemporary art form, but as a means of a creative and personal expression. Photography captivates me for its capacity to tell a story, both about the photographer and the subject in front of the lens; it can evoke a sense of intrigue, questions and emotions.
I now appreciate that as a photographer, to say something compelling, you often have to revisit a place and immerse yourself, to truly appreciate all the elements that make it unique; this contrary to the whirlwind of modern living and social media trends. Though I have an affinity for warmer climates because of the quality of the light, the striking colours and the fact that life is lived out on the streets, taking photographs locally also is a source of joy for me. I try to find inspiration also in other artistic mediums for creative ideas for personal projects.

Mathildenhöhe- Worthy of World Heritage

These photos were taken in Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt from January to March 2021, when the city was bidding stage for the World Heritage UNESCO status.

Indulge in Nostalgia

These photos were taken in Havana (in 2018 and 2019). The series is nostalgic and a nod to a bygone era , and admiration for the struggle to survive, much like the story of Cuba itself.

Photo Reportage: Goodwill Caravan

My first real encounter with charities on the ground, Goodwill Caravan (GWC), who offer shelter, legal aid and a clear mission to help the most vulnerable refugees transition to a normal life.


Heavily influenced by the soundtrack to one of my favourite movies, Casablanca, and inspired by the Moorish architecture and the beauty as well as charm of all things…


During the winter of 2018, whilst strolling along the Malecon during a photo workshop with Nicolas Pascarel, we got talking with a sweet old lady called Irida. There was a dignity…

Jardines de La Tropical

It was during the winter of December 2017, and then again in 2018, where I had the freedom to roam this Moorish playground, to indulge in the dramatic…

City of The Acacia’s – 2018

In the Spring of 2018, together with my colleagues and friend, I took a photo workshop in the Enigmatic City of Maputo. with my photography maestro Nicolas Pascarel….

Jam Session

The sounds of Havana.

Il mare non bagna Napoli

Il mare non bagna Napoli (“The Sea Does Not Bathe Naples”) is the title of a book published by Anna Maria Ortese in 1953; the book is a collection…

La Mansión Camagüey, Havana, Winter 2017

La Mansión Camagüey, Concordia #418, Centro Habana; Inside the fairly conventional exterior, is the stuff of dreams, a timeless architectural gem

Stormy Weather- Havana

Photos taken during the winter of 2017 and 2018. It’s to express the gloom of winter, that can also be often experienced in the tropics.

Passages and Watching the Street; With Bruno Barbey, September 2017

In September 2017, I was privileged to be watching the streets of Frankfurt with esteemed photo journalist, Bruno Barbey. The charismatic and acclaimed Barbey, who is from the…

Porto Photo Workshop, Nicolas Pascarel, Spring 2017

The main theme of this workshop was building a photo series, narrative and photo stories. Nicolas was with us during the day, and each evening we had slideshows…

Finding your Vision with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb, Rome, Spring 2017

Finding your vision, a workshop by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb in Officine Fotografiche, organised by RVM. Workshop Assistant Serena Vittorini. The aim of this workshop was to develop…

Drive- The Epic Malecon

These photos are from 2014, my first trip to Havana. Lensculture gave very positive feedback  “Your view comes from a very cinematic lens, which is wonderful”. These photos…

Miramar, Winter 2014

A surreal drive at sunset, back in 2014, along the iconic Malecon, to the legendary suburb of Miramar.

36°37′N 24°54′E

36°37′N 24°54′E,  2015 Photos taken during a workshop with Nicolas Pascarel, May 2015. The theme of the workshop was Ulysses.

Egyptian Fishermen in Folegandros, 2015

Love is the water of life…..

Love is the water of Life. Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another. The path along which we travel with…

Emperors Tomb

Mandarin Tomb

Mandarin House

Huế Green Impressions

M. Da

Hội An

Saigon White Building

The Lady

Markets of Saigon

Saigon in Red and Blue

Streets of Saigon