The main theme of this workshop was building a photo series, narrative and photo stories. Nicolas was with us during the day, and each evening we had slideshows in the wonderful Gallery Espiga

Key concepts taught during the workshop included:

  • Move your body to adjust the frame and composition of your photos- whether its to move backwards or forward or to move up and down- this is important when you cant move objects like cars, but you can always move yourself 
  • How to overcome fear of approaching people- be open with your camera and confident with yourself, if people say no, do not be discouraged- take a lesson of how how others during the workshop approached different subjects including people bathing in the street.Once people allow you into their space, the barrier is broken, then you must go for it, take your time to take a good photo
  • The geometrics of the frame, everything must be balanced- remember cropping is strictly verboten (at least in the beginning)
  • Influences in movies and literature- prior to the workshop we were asked to watchDans la ville blanche by Alan Tanner
  • Shooting with a fast frame (in the tram)
  • To put a photo story together- give the context and then slowly move in to the subject
  • Understand light
  • Think of how images compliment each other (light, colour, composition)
  • As practice, try taking photos of major events like strikes, protests demonstrations and the like
  • Take inspiration from each other and review more photos and photo books to expand your knowledge of photography, refer to the list of photographers below.
  • The history of photographers and key photographers work.

The main photographers recommended during the workshop include:

  • Jacques Henri Lartigue
  • Michael Ackerman
  • Don McCullin
  • Willy Ronis 
  • Martin Chambi
  • Sergio Larrain- Valparaiso