Finding your vision, a workshop by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb in Officine Fotografiche, organised by RVM. Workshop Assistant Serena Vittorini.

The aim of this workshop was to develop each individual’s unique vision of the world; inspiration from notable photographers and their body of work were key topics of focus. Participants were also encouraged to cultivate their artistic sensibilities through artistic mediums other than photography, such as Literature and poetry.

Alex and Rebecca delved into their respective projects (both individual and joint projects) to illustrate their creative process that leads to photo books.

The key aspect of the workshop was the selective sequence and editing of photographs; Following the workshop session in the morning, participants individually took to the streets of Rome to photograph in a location or project of their choosing. Then, using the selection sequence approach discussed in the workshop, participants selected their photos to present in the workshop the following day. The diverse participant group each present their selected photographs, where Alex and Rebecca critiqued the photos selection. The final set of pictures aimed to establish a coherent set of images at the end of the workshop were made by Alex and Rebecca. Many of the resounding lessons taught during class couldn’t all be implemented in the short space of time of the workshop, but will resonate for future photographic endeavors.

Rome 2017

Their book Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb on Street Photography and the Poetic Image is a great consolidated reminder of the learning garnered in this workshop.