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“a hundred roads to adventure and gives your heart wings”- Ibn Battuta


During the winter of 2018, whilst strolling along the Malecon during a photo workshop with Nicolas Pascarel, we got talking with a sweet old lady called Irida. There was a dignity…

Jardines de La Tropical

It was during the winter of December 2017, and then again in 2018, where I had the freedom to roam this Moorish playground, to indulge in the dramatic…

City of The Acacia’s – 2018

In the Spring of 2018, together with my colleagues and friend, I took a photo workshop in the Enigmatic City of Maputo. with my photography maestro Nicolas Pascarel….

Finding your Vision with Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb, Rome, Spring 2017

Finding your vision, a workshop by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb in Officine Fotografiche, organised by RVM. Workshop Assistant Serena Vittorini. The aim of this workshop was to develop…

Drive- The Epic Malecon

These photos are from 2014, my first trip to Havana. Lensculture gave very positive feedback  “Your view comes from a very cinematic lens, which is wonderful”. These photos…

Miramar, Winter 2014

A surreal drive at sunset, back in 2014, along the iconic Malecon, to the legendary suburb of Miramar.

36°37′N 24°54′E

36°37′N 24°54′E,  2015 Photos taken during a workshop with Nicolas Pascarel, May 2015. The theme of the workshop was Ulysses.

Egyptian Fishermen in Folegandros, 2015

Love is the water of life…..

Love is the water of Life. Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another. The path along which we travel with…

Emperors Tomb

Mandarin Tomb

Mandarin House

Hội An

The Lady

Markets of Saigon

Saigon in Red and Blue

Streets of Saigon

Last Sunset in Kep

Free the birds

The Crab Market Men

The Crab Market Women

The Crab Market (once more)

Crabs Galore

S21- The Survivors