Ms Heba Mansour (MIET)

Heba Mansour, Quality Assurance EngineerProfile:

An Adaptive, highly competent Product and Quality Assurance Engineer. Heba has worked in complex software and safety-critical projects across Space Ground Segment, Aviation and Government sectors. Heba has worked on large scale European and international Projects. High integrity, diligent, proactive, collaborative and with good communication skills. Heba has a strong understanding of software development methodologies and Human Factors. Heba is a certified auditor (IRQA) and a Prince 2 Practitioner, with strong application of Risk Management. Strong stakeholder management skills.


Bilingual English and Arabic with basic French,German and Italian.


  • Supporting Procurements for Space Ground Segment Systems including mission operations and Data Processing
  • Technical and Quality Assurance experience including Requirements definition, Detailed Design, Implementation, Acceptance (including Management of anomalies, non-conformances, review boards, TRRs/TRBs and formal acceptance)
  • Auditing both internal audits and 2nd Party audits
  • Supporting Verification and Validation
  • Creating safety and quality assurance deliverables required for safety critical and safety related Bids
  • Application of QA Policies and methods, including experience of applying QA policies to ground segment operations for Global Navigation Satellite systems
  • Requirements Management – DOORS
  • Systems Analysis and Design with Human Factors (understanding of behavioural, social, cognitive and communication theories that can inform systems design and development of complex MMIs)
  • Support MMI Development including development and verification using human centred design methods and Usability
  • Systems Safety (Hazard and Risk Analysis)
  • Portfolio/ Project Management & Project Controls – Prince 2 Practitioner, Including Risk, Issue and configuration management as well as progress reporting
  • Application of Lessons learnt processes
  • Planning and chairing technical project reviews
  • Development and implementation of Systems Integration – Management of test plans , Test Execution and Defects resolution
  • Excellent Interpersonal skills including influencing and managing stakeholders, Prime and Sub contractors, as well as System Suppliers’ Management
  • Knowledge and pragmatic interpretation of ECSS standards, ISO standards 9241, 13407, 15288 and IEC 61508, ISO 9001:2015
  • Experience of application of RTCA- D0178B standard in ground segments
  • Training and e-Learning (developing modules and delivery of training)
  • Significant hands on experience in using Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, Access, Visio and Project
  • Implementation of Quality Management Systems

Qualifications & Affiliations:

  • 2015- Certified Auditor- IRCA
  • 2010- Member of the IET (MIET)
  • 2009- Prince 2 Practitioner
  • 2007- ITIL Foundation
  • 2001-2004 -BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Human Factors); Upper Second Class 2.1 Middlesex University London.

Career History:

July 2012 – To Date Quality Assurance Engineer, GEO and PRS division

Heba’s responsibilities as a QA Engineer and consultant  include:

  • Support Procurement for quality related aspects of GEO and MTG Ground Segment Facilities
  • Support preparation and execution of MTG Reviews and Progress Meetings
  • Perform and support internal and external QA audits
  • Monitor implementation of QA requirements in contracts relevant to the MTG Ground Segment, identify issues, risks, non-conformities and associated implications
  • Support preparation, release and maintenance of GEO QA and PRS Working Practices and procedures to all GEO Programmes
  • Support the standardisation and harmonisation of PRS QA related processes by contributing to their continual improvement
  • Work within multidisciplinary team to ensure adequate implementation and adherence to applicable plans, working practices and procedures,
  • Support Risk Management process in terms of risk identification, analysis, prevention, monitoring and mitigation
  • Support and Participation of Reviews and technical meetings System and Ground Segment Levels
  • Monitor software QA policies for MTG Ground Segment, tailoring the applicable standards to the specific MTG Ground Segment needs,
  • Support establish/maintain related SW QA metrics
  • Support the QA related aspects of the integration, verification, and validation (IV&V) of the MTG Ground Segment elements into the overall Ground Segment system;
  • Report detected anomalies and non-conformities for MTG GS, managing the relevant investigations, identification of root causes and corrective actions;
  • Identify critical items related to MTG GS and manage actions intended to reduce their impacts
  • Identify and collect lessons learnt for performed and ongoing activities; demonstrate continuous improvement culture as required by ISO
  • Provide QA Reports and prepare other QA documentation;
  • Review of Plans, procedures, requirements specifications, technical design documents, QA documentation, Configuration Management documentation, and test plans/procedures to provide timely and meaningful feedback

Sep 2005 – June 2012 Programme Technical Services Consultant,
Logica, London, United Kingdom

Heba worked across both the public and private sector – working with clients to implement industry standard project management processes and controls such as D0178B, Prince 2, ITIL , and ISO standards such as ISO:9241, 15288 and ECSS quality and safety standards.

Heba’s roles and responsibilities as a Technical services consultant primarily in a Product Assurance and Project Safety Engineer capcity,  include:

  • Supporting QA Manager and Project team to support Geostationary Satellite Programmes
  • Applying QA policies to requirements definition, development, verification, validation, acceptance, integration and maintenance
  • Implement Logica, ECSS and D0178B QA policies
  • Moderating technical reviews and establishing and recording metrics to measure effectiveness of project processes within ground segment activities
  • Providing proactive suggestions for improvements based on metrics to measure effectiveness and lessons learnt observations
  • Ensuring project procedures are available, adequate, implemented and maintained correctly in documentation
  • Maintaining technical and programme management documentation
  • Reviewing technical and management documentation
  • Chairing formal project reviews and ensuring applicable procedures are correctly implemented
  • Support bids for Ground Segment work packages
  • interface with PA/QA counterparts and technical teams from Prime and subcontractors and clients
  • Assure applicable and agreed QA plans and procedures are adhered through monitoring and managing team and subcontractor
  • Assuring Project procedures are compliant to industry standards and regulations such as D0178B
  • Planning and conducting QA audits
  • Providing regular reporting to QA team leader on QA activities
  • Developing procedures, standards, checklists and process improvements
  • Analysis and identification of system requirements
  • Design UI screens based on system, stakeholder and operational requirements
  • Conform to ISO 9241 design guidelines
  • Produce test plans
  • Execute and manage system tests with representative end users and stakeholders
  • Produce test reports on test observations and defects
  • Manage defect resolution
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Manage Project controls (Resource schedules, Risks, Issues, Stakeholders, Project Progress reports, Management Briefs)
  • Change and Configuration Management
  • Perform Safety Analysis (Preliminary Hazard Analysis, Hazard analysis)
  • Define and manage Safety Management Systems
  • Adhere to Safety related standards and industry standards (61508, ISO standards, CMMI)
  • Produce Training modules and user manuals
  • Create and maintain Safety documents (Safety Management Plans, Safety status reports, safety case)
  • Identify safety goals and objectives
  • Create and maintain project hazard logs.

Heba has delivered safety-critical, business-critical; complex IT projects to enhance operational performance for a number of clients including:

  • European Space Agency
  • Thales
  • BAA
  • NPIA
  • CPS
  • National Bank of Kuwait
  • TFL
  • Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman.

Experience Highlights

Customer and Service Delivery Focus

  • Provide operational excellence through the re-structuring of incident, problem and change management processes based on the ITIL Frame work
  • Strong analytical expertise with a particular ability to understand complex scenarios, provide solutions and promote best practice through establishing and maintaining client relationships
  • Delivery of service metrics and reporting with a strong focus on information management and customer satisfaction
  • Business Process improvements for transitioning implementations into support and maintenance

Leadership & Team working

  • Develop innovative strategies for the improvement of processes for the project team and business. promote the collaboration and collective working of all team members to deliver to the highest standards
  • Contribute by presenting best practices and lessons learnt to the Safety Community (department of Quality and Safety engineers and management)
  • Achieved personal as well as team recognition in providing an outstanding service to the business
  • Developed and implemented strategies to engage and communicate with project teams
  • Mentor young recruits to the safety community in Logica and induct new team members

Communication & Stakeholder Management

  • Negotiate with and influence the work of stakeholders so that opportunities for joint working were exploited
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with internal and external stakeholders to derive substantial business benefits
  • Selected to represent Logica by the client for a number of work packages within the aviation transport and space ground and user segments.

Interests and Achievements

  • Academic interest in Development of complex Critical software and data rich systems.
  • Published Research: NHS case study entitled “Successful redevelopment of e-Government systems: Outcomes determined by system engineering approaches”
  • Sports: Skiing, Tennis
  • Passionate about photography and travel, experiencing diverse cultures: Have traveled for work and leisure in Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Central America and the Far East.
  • Meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. Use of networks such as meetup when possible to participate in various activities such as hiking and photography
  • Reading (current affairs, history,productivity, technology, subscribed to Engineering and Technology from the IET)
  • Photography- Completed beginners’ photography course and developing skills for street photography, and photography of landscapes, nature and people.



Heba picks up complex concepts quickly and is proactive and diligent. She was a significant contributor to the success of the UI design and usability testing of an extremely data-rich product. It was a pleasure having Heba on the UI team.
May 5, 2011, Jovan Ljubojevic, Consultant, Logica.

I have no hesitation in recommending Heba – she worked for me on two programmes at BAA and became a dependable contributor to the Team. Heba could always be relied upon to deliver on her commitments, working very long hours if necessary. She was able to adapt her abilities to suit each role to understand the client needs and ensure the programme objectives were met. Heba has a positive approach to her work and sets high standards of delivery. Heba has gained a good understanding of the airport environment and the systems that are used to manage all the process.
September 12, 2011, Martin Overton, Senior Consultant, Logica.

Heba has a strong work ethic with a willingness to learn and further develop herself. She embraces challenges and strives to deliver excellent outcomes every time in a collaborative manner. Great to work with Heba and look forward to working with her again. ….a rising star, one to watch !!” . “Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

January 12, 2010, Bally Grewal Head of IT Service Management, BAA

Heba joined the team at a time when there was a delay in activities and the client was keen to progress with the project. Heba demonstrated excellent professional work ethic and a very strong work ethic to ensure that the training program was well managed and that the client requirements were addressed completely.

March 28, 2010, Suleman Habib, Project Manager/Consultant, LogicaCMG (NBK)

During her time working on the NBK Core replacement project working on the training delivery of the front end of a core banking replacement project for National Bank of Kuwait, Heba demonstrated a lot of aptitude and creativity to tasks which were not always to her career level or professional experience at the time. She demonstrated at all times a ‘can do’ attitude, which enabled her to excel, and produce deliverables which were highly commended by the client. Heba is also very pleasant to work with and easily carries out her required work with little or no supervision, with results that are high quality and deserving of praise. Having known Heba professionally at Logica for a number of years; I strongly believe she is a strong and competent business analyst who has a lot to offer within large projects in her speciality of system safety and human computer interaction, roles in which she has really progressed and demonstrated a strong aptitude for, an emerging consultant whom I would relish the opportunity to work with again.

January 21, 2010, Nouman Khalid, Business / Service Delivery Consultant, LogicaCMG (NBK).


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